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    Top 10 Best Dry Dog Food for 2019

    Finding the right well-balanced dry dog food brand for your dog can become sort of a headache when there’s thousands of varieties to choose from. We have compiled a list of some of the very best dry dog food brands available for 2019. Each brand must meet the following requirements include meat as the primary […] More

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    First Aid and Emergency Care For your Pet

    First aid is the immediate care given to a pet who has been injured or is suddenly taken ill. What to Do at the Scene and Transport You can provide basic medical care at the scene of the injury. Remember that any animal that is injured or in pain may bite or scratch. Injured animals […] More

  • Dog Breathing fast
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    My Dog Breathing fast What Should I Do?

    When your dog starts panting nonstop or your cat is breathing with his mouth open, it’s obvious that something unusual is going on. But sometimes, abnormal breathing comes on so slowly and stealthily that you notice it only after it becomes serious. Dog breathing problems can affect all breeds and ages and can quickly become […] More

  • 4 reasons make you adopt an older cat
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    4 Reasons Make You Adopt an Older Cat

    There’s nothing more endearing than a kitten. But they also can be nonstop dynamos, frustrating to predict and a magnet for trouble. Although kittens can be wonderful fun, nothing matches the deep bond we have developed with our old cat buddies over a period of years. Older Cats Advantages Mature cats have many advantages over […] More

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    My Pet Bleeding: How to Give First Aid to Your Dog/Cat

    What Should I Do if my Pet is Bleeding? External bleeding can have many causes that range from trauma to poisonings to infection and other internal diseases. A pet that is bleeding should always be evaluated by either your veterinarian or an emergency clinic. As some of these bleeding causes can be life-threatening, evaluation and […] More

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    How to Speak Cat? Your Cat Talking To You.

    How Cats Talking To Each Other Cats use body language, facial expressions, touch, and vocalizations to communicate. For example, fighting males cry out with yowls and screeches while having threatening facial expressions with flat ears, wide eyes, and bared teeth. Staring down opponents, growling, fixed positioning, ready to attack, erection of fur, and arching of […] More

  • What You Should Know About Cats Disease
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    What You Should Know About Cats Disease

    Some Common Cat Diseases? Cat Allergies Cats can have allergies including allergic reactions from cat food, human food, and medications. Allergic reactions include vomiting, diarrhea, skin lesions, bumps on the back of the neck, itchiness, and ulcers around the mouth. Hairballs in Cats Furballs can kill cats. A build-up of swallowed fur from grooming can […] More

  • Privacy Policy

    Privacy Policy for petanimals.org At petanimals.org, accessible from https://petanimals.org, one of our main priorities is the privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information that is collected and recorded by petanimals.org and how we use it. If you have additional questions or require more information about our Privacy Policy, do not […] More

  • Terms of Use

    By accessing this web site, you are agreeing to be bound by these web site Terms and Conditions of Use, all applicable laws, and regulations, and agree that you are responsible for compliance with any applicable local laws. If you do not agree with any of these terms, you are prohibited from using or accessing […] More

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    ACCURACY To make sure we get it right, the petanimals.org team works closely with qualified experts and follows thorough editing and fact-checking protocol prior to publishing. Published content is periodically fact-checked and reviewed to ensure the information provided is accurate and up to date, our content is produced independently and held to rigorous standards for […] More

  • Sample Page

    This is an example page. It’s different from a blog post because it will stay in one place and will show up in your site navigation (in most themes). Most people start with an About page that introduces them to potential site visitors. It might say something like this: Hi there! I’m a bike messenger […] More

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